Biometric passports

I just got a new passport, and apparently it was biometric.

Biometric passports have information about you stored in them, including your iris scan or fingerprint. 

What does this sound like to you? To me, it sounds like the Nazis keeping track of the Jews. Or maybe how they assign numbers to prisoners. Or maybe how they brand people in concentration camps.

With all our information in one database, the government can quickly and efficiently track which country you’re in and use your fingerprints. Who knows what they can do with your fingerprints?

What’s next? Are we going to get chips inserted in us in 20 years? Sounds like The Bar Code Tattoo (by Suzanne Weyn) is a prophecy starting to fulfill itself.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

According to Chinese tradition, this Chinese new year, starting on January 31 on the Gregorian calendar (the one we now commonly use), is the Year of the Horse. Also known as the Spring Festival, this is the longest holiday on the Chinese “lunisolar calendar.” (based on both the Moon and the Sun) It originally honored ancestors and spirits.

So, what about it?

Here are some facts about this festival.

  • It originally lasted from the last day of the calendar to the fifteenth day of the first month.
  • The dates on the Gregorian calendar are different each year because it was created according to the lunisolar calendar used by the Chinese at that time.
  • It dates back to 2600 BCE.
  • Many Chinese families have reunions on CNY’s eve.
  • Huichun, long, red pieces of paper with four characters of them, such as: 恭喜发财 (恭喜發財), 身体健康 (身體健康), 龙马精神 (龍馬精神), 马到成功 (馬到功成), are posted on the walls.

CCTV: 5 “Benefits” of Air Pollution

Beijing Times published a controversial article stating five so-called “benefits” of air pollution. What are these ridiculous “benefits”?

Apparently, Chinese people will feel more “unified” when they are under the same polluted sky, all complaining about the air.

Second, since all the people have to inhale the same atrocious air, they will be ‘equal’. The rich can’t really do anything to avoid the bad air, so it promotes equality.

It raises awareness that China pays its price for being the factory of the world.

People are funnier when they are in hazardous air. (Wow, the person who wrote the Beijing Times article must have been suffering from the side effect of being satirically humorous!)

The haze makes Chinese people aware of English terms like “haze” and “smog.” It also educates them about things such as meteorology.

We’re like, benefitting so much, eh? Can you think of any other ridiculous benefits?



Happy New Year!

Change of plans: We decided to post this live instead of scheduling it for Jan 1 2014 0:00!

The smoggy air in Smoghai – I mean, Shanghai. [1]

Happy New Year, everyone! And possibly more smog for Shanghai from the fireworks!

Personally, I would strongly recommend that you use low-emission or zero-emission fireworks this year, or even not use them at all! We have enough smog already, so don’t make it even worse!

When was New Year first celebrated?

The first New Year’s celebration dates back to 2000 B.C. However, the first celebration on the date January 1st was during the year of 183 B.C. (The month January was not created until 700 B.C. when the second king of Rome, Numa, created it.) [2]

What are your resolutions for 2014?




STUCO (PHP Game): Preview

STUCO will be a text-based PHP game that I will create by September 2014. It will be a student government / student council simulation game. You will choose a clique, then try to make the school do what your group wants. There will be anywhere from 3 to 5 factions for you to join.

Major Milestones

Blueprint by 12 January 2014

Login System by 19 January 2014

Bill Infrastructures and Changes by 19 January 2014

Money System by 26 January 2014

Store System by 2 February 2014

Abilities and Bill System by 9 February 2014

PvP Systems by 23 February 2014

Chat System by 30 March 2014

Alpha to Beta by 30 June 2014